Autonomous Robot for Maze Exploration and Finding the Shortest Path

Keywords: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, A* search, PID controller

As a junior, I assembled and programmed an autonomous robot, as a part of multidisciplinary design project. The project was done in a team of 9, and I was the team leader. I contributed to the overall design of the system, and implemented the hardware control algorithms, such as a PID controller and wall alignment algorithm to make the robot move straight, and an algorithm that fetches obstacle-related data from IR sensors and transmits that data from the Arduino to the Raspberry Pi.

The main objective of this project is to assemble and program a robot, so that it is able to:

  • autonomously explore and traverse an unknown area of dimensions
  • 2.0m by 1.5m and walls 15cm high, avoiding obstacles along the way.
  • plan and follow a fastest path from a starting point X to an ending point Y.
  • transmit telemetry and receive control signals from mobile device.

Video Presentation:

Our video presentation was applauded for being one of the most creative. I put my creative writing skills to use and wrote a Pirates-themed story that communicated some of the technical details of the project. 😉

The robot was assembled using:

  • battery pack for power
  • gearmotor for the wheels
  • 6 infrared sensors
  • 1 ultrasonic sensor
  • Arduino to control wheels and sensors
  • Raspberry Pi to enable communication
  • between Arduino and the PC which ran the algorithms